Downloads and Browsing

1. Via CVS Repository

  1. You may wish to acquire CVS clients to install on your own computer.
  2. A MacOS 9 CVS client is located here
  3. Windows and Mac CVS clients are located here.

  1. To anonymously checkout the source code use the following Command Line commands. When prompted for a password for anonymous, simply press the Enter key.
    1. cvs login
    2. cvs -z3 co cml
  2. If configuring a GUI client, enter for the server name:, for the CVSRoot: /cvsroot/cml, for user: your own "Unix" name at Sourceforge, Port: 2401 and Method: pserver. The result should be similar to:
    CVS GUI Configuration
  3. To browse the CVS Repository, invoke
  4. The modules available are:
    1. CML: Components for Chemical Markup Language, Version 1.0, including JUMBO
    2. CML2: Components for Chemical Markup Language, Version 2.0
    3. STMML: Components for Scientific, Techical and Medical Markup Language, Version 1.0
    4. SELFML: Components for Self Markup Language, Version 1.0
    Use Checkout with one of these module names specified to create a local disk copy of the above repositories.

2. Via Web page at

There are several XML-based projects under the CML projects page. All involve CML files or can use CML code/classes.

All files are mounted at SourceForge and latest versions can be found there. See also the CML site


Jumbo 4.3 is now located at